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Welcome to Versatile Comics Blog Page

We are three unique artist who come together at conventions to bring you not only comics but all themed art in Digital, Illustration and Sculptural form. Here you will find updates on where we will be show casing originals, selling prints, live painting or making an appearance. 

Goku vs Saitama by Xerox

Words can’t express how amazing this artist is. I think he blows my mind with every new piece he shows. The patience it must take to draw out every line, the use of all these colors, the expressions on their face… Look at the highlights on those rocks, I can’t take it!!!!!!

Xerox is the name behind this art, wait until you see his new twist to comics he’s been cooking up, follow him @xerox1980 for updates, you wont regret it! 

“Stranger Things” by s0n0faSaint

This dope “Stranger Things” illustration is by Angel Manuel Lopez, who goes by his artist name, “s0n0faSaint”, (Thats Son of a Saint if you didn’t get that). Lopez has a signature look to his illustrations, using small hidden details mixed with a morbid dark style around his subject. Can you see the kids in the background?? What a nice touch! Follow his work @s0n0faSaint (using zeros) for updates on his newest pieces, which of course I will be sharing here as well. 

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